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Exterior Building Maintenance
Specializing in leak repair/prevention
As a family-owned and operated business, we are able to offer you the personal service you’ve been looking for.  We are willing to work with your schedule, including nights and weekends if required. We stand behind our work, and our goal is 100% satisfaction for all of our customers.

When you are in need of quality building maintenance services, calling Paul A. Carpenter, LLC is a sensible choice. Our company specializes in exterior building maintenance services. We are a proud, family-run local business based in Newark, Delaware. 

Paul A. Carpenter, LLC specializes in commercial window glazing and caulking of window and door perimeters and expansion and control joints. We also offer commercial waterproofing and sealing services, exterior painting and coating, pressure washing (sidewalks and facades alike), and high dusting, including ceiling panels, duct work, beams and conduit. In addition to new construction, we perform repairs and maintenance on existing structures. 

Leak management is a major focus at our company. If you need help with leaks at your existing building, we can come to your aid. We can also help you to prevent leaks before they have the opportunity to begin. 

We have been working in the exterior building maintenance industry for more than three decades. If you need the assistance of caulking and waterproofing professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled, we will not let you down in any way. We are true caulking and waterproofing specialists. 

Personalized service is always a significant aim for our company. If you want to recruit the services of talented professionals who always provide individualized and attentive service, Paul A Carpenter, LLC is the choice for you. We go above and beyond for each and every customer who comes to us. Nothing is more valuable to us than customer satisfaction. If you are interested in excellent customer service with meticulous, detail-oriented work ethics, you will love what we can offer you. 

We are all about flexibility here at Paul A. Carpenter, LLC. We will do whatever is necessary to accommodate our customers' specific schedules and needs. If you require weekend or night services, for example, we will adjust our schedules to cater to you. We are committed to excellence in our work. We are also committed to providing all of our customers with the highest levels of convenience possible. 

Those who work with our company never have to worry or feel anxiety. We are fully licensed and insured and we adhere to all safety standards. We have excellent references from past and current customers. If you want to hire trustworthy, skilled and quality professionals, call us. Whether you are looking for a quote to caulk a building under construction, repairs to an existing building, pressure washing or more, you can count on us. We take pride in each and every job that we perform. 

If you are looking for commercial caulking and waterproofing services in Delaware and the surrounding region, do not hesitate to call us to learn more about out reputable company and to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Our services include:
  • Commercial Caulking                          Interior & exterior                              Window & door perimeters                Expansion & control joints   
  • Pressure Washing                          Facades                            Sidewalks
  • Coatings                                              Painting                                            Sealing                                              Waterproofing   
  • High Dusting                                        Pipes & Beams                                  Duct work                                          Ceiling panels                     
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